Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question for us? About adding your jag-stang to the listings? Check and see if it's been answered below. We'll add more over time.

Adding your jag-stang

Yes! We welcome all jag-stang owners current and former. We just require that you have photos of the guitar including one of the serial number. In your listing be sure to indicate what year you sold the guitar.

No. We require a photo that includes the guitar's serial number. With the abundance of cameras out there today it shouldn't be difficult to get a photo that includes the serial number.

Do you happen to still have a photo of the original neck and know the original serial number? If so please include those in your listing. Add any details to the 'Additional Notes' field.

In short - if you have a jag-stang neck on a mustang body we will allow that listing. But if you have a mustang neck on a jag-stang body we will NOT allow that listing. The jag-stang serial number is important to the listings.

Serial Number Questions

The years we list for the guitars are rough estimates based on the Fender Japan serial number data. You are welcome to include photos of neck date showing the year.

We realize that guitar parts are produced in batches so guitar R100200 may not actually be older than guitar R100201. For the sake of keeping the ordering simple we will make the rough assumption that the guitars come off production line in sequential order (ie R100200 is older than R100201). If you would like to bring a special case to our attention please contact us.

Jag-Stang Listing Questions

Yes you can specify which of your uploaded images should be used as the default image for the jag-stang listing. To specify the default image do the following:

  • Make sure you are logged into the site. (Username will be shown in upper right of toolbar if you're logged in.)
  • View your full jag-stang listing and you will see indicators on the bottom of each image.
  • - button indicates the current default image. (may not be one set)
  • - click this button to change or set the default image.

Site Related Questions

First off please check your SPAM folder. Especially Hotmail users! If our emails are ending up in your spam folder then please add our email address to your safe senders list or contact book. Our address is [registry AT jag-stang DOT com].

If you're not seeing an activation email are you sure you signed up with the correct email address?

Below is a list of possible actions that can be taken on a user account.

  • We remove accounts not activated within 48 hours of registration.
  • We remove accounts that do not add a jag-stang within 14 days of registration. There is really no reason to have an account here if you do not plan to register a jag-stang.
  • Forgot password? - use forgot password on the login page to reset a password.
  • Remember Me feature - the 'Remember Me' feature only works for 7 days. After that period you will need to log in to the site again.

The Registry makes heavy use of javascript. Please enable javascript for best experience.

We also highly recommend visitors use an updated and modern web browser. See examples at